Taxidermy Jackalope Workshop

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Sunday July 23

11:00 AM  –  5:00 PM

Jackalope Taxidermy Workshop

Sunday, July 23, 2023

This class is designed for beginners to learn professional level techniques used in small mammal taxidermy. By focusing on the facial features, students will create a shoulder mount that can be affixed to a plaque or hung as is. Students will learn proper skinning and fleshing procedures, how to split, turn and position facial features, including the ears. Students will learn the traditional methods of sculpting and carving a bust to create a shoulder mount form. 

Students also have the option to create a jackalope/hybrid creature using real antler pieces, or sculpting their own. Students are also welcome to bring their own props or accessories if desired.

Students will learn everything they need to create their very own rabbit or jackalope taxidermy mount, from proper skinning, degreasing/washing, to sculpting, mounting, and finishing. Students will watch a skinning and fleshing demonstration, and proceed to work with professionally cleaned and tanned skins. This will allow the students to focus on the finer details of creating a finished piece, and practice specific mounting techniques, like carving, fitting, and modifying a form, sewing, assembly, and grooming. We will discuss how to use reference and study anatomy practically for beginner's taxidermy. 

(This class uses domestic rabbits and not wild rabbits, so the jackalope created will not be as large as a wild rabbit. Domestic rabbits are used because they are more forgiving for beginners to handle rather than very thin skinned wild rabbits)