Beyond the Buoys- Tour of Minnow Pond

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Wednesday September 6

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8:00 AM  –  1:00 PM


You’ve no doubt heard about the fabulous new ADKX Boathouse on Minnow Pond, but have you ever wondered what’s outside the normal boating boundaries? This is your chance to find out! Take a short (3/4 mile) morning hike to the lake with Shane Holmes, licensed Adirondack guide, and Doreen Alessi-Holmes, ADKX Conservator. Learn about the history of the trail and about some of the flora and fauna that can be seen on the hike. Then, prepare for an extended outing on the water in our historic vessels.* Paddle and row across the pond with Shane and Doreen and learn what lives beneath the surface. After you return to the ADKX campus, enjoy a special lunch under the shade of the Marion River Carry Pavilion.

$30.00 per member (includes lunch)
Space is very limited!


*ADKX staff have the discretion of boat assignment; no children under the age of 6 are permitted in boats. You may be placed in a boat with people from other parties.